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Here at Zenith Education Studio, our students’ academic success is our utmost priority. We are committed to helping them succeed during their time in Secondary School and perform their best for their GCE O-Levels. At our tuition centre, we focus on providing our students with value-adding techniques that will help them achieve academic excellence.


At Zenith Education Studio, we recognise the importance of achieving excellence in the O-Levels, and we are here to provide the support you need to make this journey a successful one. Our track record speaks volumes: a remarkable 80% of our students attaining A grades in their O-Level examinations. This is a testament to our commitment to helping our students not just meet but exceed their academic goals.

Programme Details


Unique teaching methods that help students understand content and retain it with memory techniques
Problem Solving Skills
Retain and apply solution techniques with curated questions through regular practice
Effective Revision & Exam Success
Equip students with proven revision and exam techniques, and tackle challenging questions with good time management
Discussion Based Learning
Actively participate in in-class discussions, share your thoughts, and exchange ideas


Weekly Lessons (2 hours each)
Complimentary Consultations
Study Lounge Access
Free-flow Snack Bar
24/7 Online Help
Termly Outings
Crash Course Priority Allocation
Exam Cheatsheets

SUBJECT SYLLABUS and Terms & Conditions

What is Secondary School Tuition like?

Looking for a Secondary School tuition centre in Singapore? Zenith Education Studio is here to ease the educational journey of secondary school students by offering tuition classes for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Science.

Secondary school education is a crucial stepping stone for students in Singapore who want to pursue Pre-University education, whether that be at a Junior College, Polytechnic, or Institute of Technical Education. Hence, improving your grades now and acing your GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ Level examinations is key to helping you enter the pre-university institution you are aiming for and creating a solid foundation for your future studies.

While tuition is not necessary for all secondary school students, it can be helpful in bridging knowledge gaps and helping you boost your grades if you wish to do so. If you find yourself struggling, the well-qualified and highly experienced tutors at our tuition centres can help you master the subjects you are not good at, thereby increasing your confidence and your grades.

Programme Fees

The course fees for every 4 lessons are as follows;
Pricing at the time of registration will apply to the student’s fees for their entire duration with Zenith Sec 1 to Sec 4 students:
1 Subject: $320
2 Subjects: $560
3 Subjects: $780

a) All fees must be paid in full by the first lesson of the month.
b) Payment methods are via PayNow (Preferred), Bank Transfer and Cheque only.
c) Invoices will be generated monthly and no further reminder letters will be issued.
d) A student may be excluded from lessons if they are disruptive to the conduct of the class or when fees remain unpaid.
e) The Management reserves the right to suspend or terminate the students’ lessons until all outstanding fees are settled.
f) Fees are payable throughout the year, inclusive of school vacation periods and public holidays. Students are advised to attend their lessons regularly. If the teacher is absent, a relief teacher (RT) will take over the class; alternatively, the teacher will arrange a replacement for the lesson in which he/she was absent.
g) There is strictly no refund or prorating of fees for students that miss lessons.
h) In the occasion where a student is unable to attend classes, arrangements should be made to attend a make-up class.
i) The Management reserves the right to alter the fees with notice given.

Fee Deposits

Deposits will be used to offset the outstanding fees in the final month of classes and any balances will be refunded.

If students choose to sign up for additional subjects throughout the term, they can do so and they will have to top up the difference in deposit as displayed in the calculations above.

Should students choose to leave Zenith, they should inform their tutor(s) and send an official email to 1 month before their final class. All outstanding fees should be cleared before the deposit is returned.

Current Promotions


Sign Up Bonus

a) Every student can only choose either the sign-up bonus or the current promotion.
b) For the receipt of the sign-up bonus, students have to stay for a minimum of 3 months.


a) Acceptance of a student for classes is at the discretion of the school.
b) A class will be assigned to the student upon registration.
c) Upon the acceptance of a student, the Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) is deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions set out in this document.


Zenith provides a diverse selection of courses tailored for O-level students. Explore each course to discover more.


At the Secondary School level, we offer classes for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics at our tuition centre in Singapore. You can opt for a single-subject tuition programme for a fee of $320 per 4 lessons, or go for a multi-subject programme starting from $560 per 4 lessons. Our multi-subject programmes allow you to save up to $120 (per 4 lessons) while giving you full access to our tuition materials and amenities.

Save $40/month
Save $80/month
Save $180/month


Does Zenith offer free trial classes?

Yes, we do offer a free trial class for new students. However, free trial class will not be available for specific lessons during certain weeks as some lessons are catered towards the application of content already taught to current students. We will contact students to arrange for the trial lesson.

Why are lessons at Zenith much more affordable compared to other tuition centres that offer Secondary school programmes?

At Zenith, we believe that education should remain affordable and accessible to any student that is driven and motivated to succeed. We aim to provide the maximum value at the lowest cost.

Does Zenith offer 1-1 Tuition?

Educators at Zenith wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of our group teaching in getting you that coveted A for your examinations. We do not provide 1-1 tuition, but often provide 1-1 consults to students FREE OF CHARGE especially nearing examination periods, subject to the tutor’s availability. Students can also arrange to see teachers before and after lessons for free consults.

Are there make up classes for students who missed lessons?

Students unable to attend lessons for ANY reason will be allowed to attend a make-up session during the same week. However, we do not encourage class-hopping as this will affect the progress of the student. As there are only four extra seats for students doing make-up lessons in each class, students must notify teachers at least 6 hours before their supposed lesson.

If students are still unable to make it for any lessons of the week, we will normally conduct all lessons during the holidays, which students can attend to make up for the missed lesson. Alternatively, as a last result, students can book our teachers for a consult to cover the missed lesson.

Students will be able to receive a refund of fees if they are unable to attend every lesson of the week (including make-up sessions) ONLY if they have a valid excuse (medical).


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