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Koh Ying Rou

⁠⁠"I was really weak in my Maths (O-Levels Emath B3, Amath C6) and I was struggling quite badly in JC, getting U grades for my H2 Mathematics throughout my JC1. Hence, I decided to join Zenith. I found Zenith’s notes really comprehensive and straight to the point while also covering a broad range of different question types. Furthermore, as my math tutor, Ming Liang was super patient and really helped me to understand different concepts thoroughly. He would explain a question to me from the very fundamentals— which I really needed as I had a weak foundation. He was also there when I needed extra consults and help even beyond normal class hours. Eventually, I managed to improve from a U grade for promos to an A for my A-Levels H2 Math!  Highly recommend going to Ming Liang for tuition if you need that extra boost!! Plus he gets us really yummy treats :)"


"Zach is an engaging and personable tutor who takes a genuine interest in his students’ lives. He’s knowledgeable and well-versed in teaching GP, and knows how to communicate the content in a way that’s digestible to us. Basically, Zach is slay ;)"

Regene Tan

As the difficulty level of subjects in JC is way higher than secondary school, I had a hard time catching up with some subjects and did not know how to apply concepts. I decided to join Zenith Chem after receiving a U grade for my mid years. his lessons were entertaining and fun which allowed me to be able to remember concepts better! We had many practices where I could learn how to apply the concepts I learnt! nearing exams, my tutor also gave 1-1 consults which helped answer many of the doubts and questions I had! We also had many timed practices nearing A levels which helped me to remember my content and get used to completing my papers in exam conditions."

Charmaine Lee

"Prior to joining Zenith, I vividly remember struggling with Economics in school due to how new the subject was to me and how fast paced the teaching in school was. I was falling behind my peers and was unable to keep up with the curriculum to the point I was barely passing any test. By the time my mid years in J2 came, I’d came to the realisation that I was still pretty much unable to understand even the simplest concepts which led to me getting a U. I only had less than 6 months left to get everything fixed, which led me to start being more proactive with asking for help. Thankfully, my tutor was extremely helpful and would answer any of my queries without judgement and would patiently sit down with me to explain certain concepts till I fully understood them. He would also provide our class with his own additional notes to supplement the ones curated by Zenith which also helped me to narrow down on certain question types or topics for A levels."

Ernest Tan

"Bio had never been the subject I felt confident in – I failed and dropped Bio in upper sec but still decided to study it in JC. Hence, I started attending bio classes in Zenith with Melvin and it was TRANSFORMATIVE!! Melvin is an incredible tutor who never fails to make lessons engaging and the content palatable through goofy acronyms and lots of charisma. When it was time for A levels, I no longer felt like an imposter among all the other Bio students in the hall. I knew that Melvin had taught me all the content and skills needed, and I sat for the exam with confidence. I am very grateful for the wonderful material offered and to be taught by an amazing teacher who made a subject I feared so much become one that I still enjoy now. Thank you Zenith and Melvin :)"

Ethan Ng

"Before I joined Duncan’s physics class at zenith, i hated physics a lot in school as I could not understand the physics concepts taught in school, making me bad at it. But joining Duncan’s lessons rly made me start to dislike physics less and even started to grow a liking for it (for the more interesting topics). That was because Duncan always tried to apply the concepts to real life scenarios and also cool physics experiments he showed during class. Duncan is one of the most committed teachers because he physically calls me to answer my questions over Physics questions which was rly extremely helpful in me learning the concepts and learning from my mistakes after doing practice papers leading up to A level. All in all, Duncan played a pivotal role in helping me get my A in physics for A level. I’m very grateful for him!"

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